The rules regulating speed limits and the sactions for those who do not abide by them are fundamentally established in article 142 of the Rules of the Road; in addition in some cases the abbreviation of points is foreseen in accordance with art. 126 bis CdS. (add. Rules of the Road).

The directives of the Minister of the Interior Prot. 300/A/10307/09/144/5/20/3 of 14/08/2009 (Direttiva Maroni) and Prot. n. 300/A/5620/17/144/5/20/3 of 21/07/2017 (Direttiva Minniti) have defined specific operating instructions for activities to prevent the traffic accident phenomenon through the control of the speed limit using speed enforcement devices.

Article 4 of the Decree law 121 (2002) converted with modifications by Law 168/02 establishes, among other things, that such devices can be used by traffic police organs both on type B roads as well as on type C roads.

The installation of speed enforcement devices on type C roads must be set up on stretches identified by a special decree by the Prefect.

The devices installed have been approved by Executive decrees of the Ministry of the Infrastructure and Transportation.